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Troubling Events That Should Concern all Americans!

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American Problems
There are things going on in America and around the world that should be a concern to anyone with a love of their country and a minor level of intelligence or above.  The vast list of these events makes me extremely concerned about the future of our country and its very existence:
  • The persecution of Christians and their beliefs while overly supporting Muslims and their beliefs by our federal government, the news media and many people in general, even though Muslims have a history of wanting to destroy us.
  • Constant attempts to systematically remove God from everything in our culture.
  • Decline of respect for patriotic symbols such as the American Flag, The Pledge of Allegiance, etc.
  • The massive stockpiling of weapons, ammunition and armored equipment by federal government agencies.
  • Ongoing frequent attempts to remove the peoples' ability to defend themselves by constantly attacking the 2nd Amendment granted right to keep and bear arms.
  • The continued destruction of the American economy by attacks on the free market system, overspending by federal government, excessive federal rules and regulations, and additional unsustainable federal government programs.
  • The peoples' lack of knowing that dividing wealth does not increase wealth, but only diminishes it, and the lack of knowledge that the massive strength of America in the past came from the collective hard work, self reliance and desire to overcome one's own problems.
  • The failure of the people to realize that the action that helps poor people the most is finding ways to put as many people to work who are able to work.
  • The failure of too many people to recognize that putting people on government assistance dooms them to the very least they can possibly be.
  • The failure of the people to recognize from history, that welfare and other social programs have not noticeably improved the poverty rate since Lyndon B. Johnson was President.
  • The continued devaluation of the U.S. Dollar through the printing of new money.
  • Constantly raising the national debt limit and spending with only insignificant cuts in federal spending.
  • The increasing decline of morals (anything goes society).
  • A declining birth rate for some races of people that, if continued, will mean that some races will be unsustainable and unrecoverable.  Races that have a sustainable birth rate may be able to eventually dominate the country.
  • Escalating news articles of police forces exceeding their authority (police state) and that are now equipped to resemble military forces.
  • A corrupt, biased national news media favoring the current federal government and one political party.
  • Numerous scandals, where responsibility is almost always impossible to assign (the federal government can do anything it pleases without any accountability - Fast and Furious, Bengazi, NSA Spying, etc.)
  • Constant efforts by federal government to make the people dependent on the government - analogous to a snake that eats itself.
  • Reduction of American military assets.
  • Spying on the American people by the federal government.
  • Decline in respect for United States by other countries.
  • Numerous instances of the federal government lying to the American people
  • Deterioration of the American educational system.
  • The targeting of Tea Party and other patriot groups by the federal government
  • Constant dumbing down of the population, where people have no idea of the consequences of government actions.
  • Frequent violations of the U.S. constitution by the federal government with no consequences.
  • Political indoctrination of children and college students by liberal biased teachers and professors in our schools and universities with no consequences.
  • Continuous push for unsustainable socialistic programs by the federal government.
  • A federal government that shoves unsustainable social programs down the throats of the American people, while exempting itself from the same programs.
  • More and more people in the country getting soft and lazy - more and more dependent on the government to take care of them.  (In a real crisis, many would not be resourceful enough to get out of their own way).
  • A President of the United States with a questionable background and qualifications that never sees the light of day.
  • Federal government agreements with the United Nations and other groups that affect rights of Americans guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution.
I have serious concerns whether our country can survive all that is going on right under our noses.  People need to wake up fast and use their God-given common sense.  If we lose our freedoms, or this country is defeated by an enemy, all of the little petty beliefs and programs will be meaningless and we'll have nothing worth living for.  And, if these trends are not reversed soon, our children will have it much worse off than the current generation.