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American Problems

How should our problems be solved and our needs be met?

  1. Take care of yourself, solve your own problems, create your own solutions, and pay your own way
  2. Family and community group assistance
  3. City or Town Government Assistance Programs
  4. State Government Assistance Programs
  5. Federal Government Assistance Programs
Why?  Because as you progress up the government food chain, costs are almost always higher.  The federal government should be the last resort for assistance because:
  1. Federal government assistance is almost always more expensive than all other levels of assistance.  The average federal government salary is now about $150,000.
  2. The federal government exacts a huge overhead on collected monies for administrative costs.
  3. The federal government is loaded with fraud, waste and abuse, which is extremely difficult to police at that level of bureaucracy.
  4. The federal government is the most remote from the problem to be solved.
  5. As much as possible, federal government revenue should go towards solving greater problems and providing greater services, such as upgrading our national infrastructure (roads, bridges, electrical grid, etc.) and national defense.
Problems need to be solved and services need to be provided at the lowest level of government possible, so that this occurs in the most efficient manner possible.  The federal government should be the last resort for solving any problem or providing any service.