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1.  Donald Trump
Political correctness has been killing our country.  What needs to be said has not been said for the fear of offending someone, and it has been getting worse and worse. Bullsh!t !!!  It used to be that everyone said what they wanted to say.  If someone didn't like what was said, they disputed it, ignored it, or punched the person in the mouth.  Now it's a federal crime, in many cases, to exercise freedom of speech.  Donald Trump has not only said what he wants to say, he has utterly killed the political correctness crap.

Trump is a proven business man who will run the country like the business it is.  He will undoubtedly surround himself with political appointees who are the best and brightest in their fields, unlike the current worthless administration who made many appointments based on who donated to his political campaign.

Trump is a proven, strong leader who has accomplished many impressive things outside of politics. If he is elected, I expect he will get right to work and do just that for America.

Trump is also a strong supporter of the second amendment.

When it comes to debating Hillary Clinton, Trump strikes me as the best equipped to handle the task for these (among other) reasons:

  • Donald Trump isn't afraid to say what needs to be said and slam Hillary for her pathetic record, foreign policy disasters, and her unethical or illegal activities (i.e., classified emails on her private server).
  • Donald Trump is quick on the draw with counter punches.
  • The main stream media has been unable to hit Donald Trump with anything that hasn't made his poll numbers increase.
  • If Hillary plays the phony "War on Women" card, you can count on Donald Trump to play the "Bill Clinton" card.
  • Donald Trump has a long history of major accomplishments.
  • Donald Trump is educated and very intelligent.

There are times when I have wished that Trump had not said a few things, but he certainly has the stones to say them.

2.  Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz would have been my second pick based on his disregard for political correctness and his views on conservative principles. His past views on illegal immigration appear to be somewhat cloudy and may have changed. He is a strong supporter of the second amendment.

However, I find it hard to believe that Ted Cruz would have been able to come close to beating Hillary Clinton. After listening to his annoying voice for an hour, I felt like I had been on the phone with Porky Pig.  "I'm the only one who has beat Donald Twump, and I'm the only one who can beat Donald Twump." Well, he couldn't and he didn't. Nor could he get the southern evangelical Christian votes that all the experts said were a sure thing for him. He never would have garnished large numbers of democrat and independent votes needed to win a general election by proclaiming "I'm going to unite the country around a conservative message."

Ted Cruz touted his record in Washington as fighting this and that, but Britt Hume (Fox News) had the right quote in 2015: "Ted Cruz going on about all the fights he has led in Washington. Never mentions the number of fights he won. The answer is none."

3.  Marco Rubio
Rubio is a close third to Ted Cruz, but comes off to me as being rehearsed in his speeches.  His past views on illegal immigration also appear to be somewhat cloudy and may have changed. I worry he has enough capacity to out-debate Hillary Clinton.
4.  Chris Christie
Christie would likely be a strong leader and says what he wants to say, for the most part. Nothwithstanding his being a republican, he is still from liberal New Jersey. His past performance on the second amendment is questionable. He would, however, be a strong leader. Bridgegate will come back to haunt him.
5.  Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Carson is a decent man with the best of intentions for America and he has some great ideas. Unfortunately, he has recently demonstrated some weaknesses in national defense and foreign policy issues and, in my opinion, didn't handle questions that well. He is too soft-spoken to get far in politics. 
6.  Carly Fiorina
Ms. Fiorina has good business skills and would probably do a good job as President. She would probably surround herself with competent advisors.

I think her record as a Hewlett-Packard CEO has been over-scrutinized. Sometimes, when you manage a company, reorganizations have to be done and jobs need to be cut.  It's unfortunate, but it has to happen in some cases to keep companies solvent.

7.  Rand Paul
Rand Paul has some of the best conservative ideas. I am totally on board with his point of view that we should stop arming our enemies. It often seems that when we arm a group of muslims, either they lose and the weapons fall into the hands of radicals, or they win and turn against America with those weapons later - a lose-lose scenario.

I don't agree with Rand Paul's level of isolationism. If we don't fight terrorism where terrorists live, we will be rooting them out in America, intermingled with our own citizens and many more people will die trying to defeat them.

8.  Mike Huckabee
Huckabee is a good man, but I think his popularity has peaked and fallen.
9.  Jeb Bush
Bush has been a whiner, "low energy" and is obviously an establishment candidate. Many people will shy away from the Bush name because of their dissatisfaction with George W. Bush's presidency. If you want the same election results as Romney and McCain, he's your guy in my opinion.
10.  Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum is probably one of the most authentic candidates for Christian principles, but he is likely unelectable.
11.  John Kasich
The frequent mouth tic and nasty tone of voice is making John Kasich look deranged and angry. I used to really like this guy. He's not going anywhere.