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For the past year, we've been plagued by a new wave of anti-Americanism. This is much more visible by the antics of players in professional sports, most notably the National Football League (NFL).

Arrogant slugs are disrespecting our flag, our national anthem, our military and our country by "taking a knee" during the national anthem. Some of these dirtbags say that they are just protesting and not being disrespectful. BULLSHIT! If they are doing ANYTHING but standing at attention with their hands over their hearts during the playing of the National Anthem, they are being disrespectful! They don't get to decide what is and is not disrespectful.That has been defined by American tradition for ages and by the countless fans who pay their salaries so that they might be entertained by watching a football game, not to have a pre-game side show of disrespectful bitches trashing their country. You don't rob a bank and then proclaim you're not a bank robber.

Now many fans, including me, are boycotting anything having to do with the NFL or any professional sport (including sponsors) that condones this behavior. If I would have protested at my places of employment, I would have been fired if I persisted in doing so. These slugs have a right to protest, but the NFL should have policies in place that prohibit this behavior at their place of employment.

When I served in the U.S. Navy for 24 years, I had the solemn honor of serving on numerous military funeral details, where we had the honorable duty of folding and presenting our flag to a crying, grieving widow who had lost a husband. I will not support any professional sport whose players engage in disrespecting our country.

If these miscreants, many who are felons, have causes they want to draw attention to, there are proper channels to do so. You can't get people interested in your cause by pissing millions of us off and offending those of us who are patriotic of our country. I expect it'll have the opposite effect, although professional football players are not famous for being that bright. I expect that most of these "kneelers" are more interested in getting back at President Trump, than the causes they bitch about.

NFL players, the news media and others criticize President Trump for speaking out against this anti-American behavior. I think the President has every right to call out large scale anti-American behavior because it is detrimental to national security. Recently, I have seen news articles where high school students, City Councils and other (sometimes very young) groups are participating in this take a knee crap. A lot of young people look up to professional sports players as role models and heroes. I saw a quote recently, which read "A generation taught to hate their country will refuse to defend it." If this doesn't bother people, IT SHOULD! Some day we may have something far, far worse to worry about.

For these reasons, I am permanently done watching NFL games and the games of any other professional sports that participates in this behavior. Colin Kaepernick started this last year. I have not watched any games or participated in any NFL activities since then. Even if the NFL decides to change their policies at this point, it will only be because they are losing fans, sponsors and money, and not because they suddenly scrounged up a smidgeon of patriotism. That will never be enough for me.

Since I started boycotting NFL games, I have discovered that I don't really miss it and I'm getting a lot more productive things done. This is one scenario that should scare the hell out of the NFL. If hordes of fans boycotting the NFL realize that they don't miss it, imagine the permanent effect.